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Continuous quality improvement with Develop Training

When booking with Develop Training you can be sure we have a programme of continuous quality improvement.

Strategic improvements made in recent years:

  • The OHSAS 18001 health and safety standard was achieved at our first attempt. It seems obvious to us now but as a health and safety related technical training provider we wanted to show that we walk our own talk.
  • We have developed the ability to generate online assessment tools for pre and post course assessment, which has fantastic potential to better identify course progression, minimise time off the job whilst maximising time for hands on experience. We are also exploring ways to reinforce learning "nuggets" post course via mobiles to help improve Return on Investment for the employer.
  • Following the first Training Excellence assessment our evaluation forms were aligned to Return on Investment principles. We collect delegate perceptions of the value they place in their training and we reinforce to them the investment made by their employer. We are happy to share feedback with employers to help them maximise new skills back in the workplace.
  • More than ever before we use delegate feedback to inform improvement activity. All comments, delegate scores and trends are circulated on a scheduled basis to senior managers and where deficiencies are identified they are rectified with better speed.
  • We also implemented post course feedback calls to measure delegate perception when they returned to the workplace.
  • There is improved visibility of case studies and delegate feedback on the website and this will improve further in coming months.
  • There has been a considered investment in premises and product development. In particular a substantial investment at the Burn Hall venue in both new/refurbished classrooms and new confined space training facility and the commissioning of a new mobile confined space training facility for use nationwide.
  • Building on the early success and innovation of our MaTE behavioural product we have engaged a specialist to take the MaTE proposal to the next level. We have been delighted to see one of the UK's largest companies committing to use MaTE as a vanguard in their behavioural change programme.
  • There has been significant investment in both sales and marketing functions. We have doubled the number of Training Advisors available to advise our clients.
  • We have significantly improved the website, both content and structure, with the website moving towards a primary sales tool from a supporting resource. We know there is more to do to encourage a "browse and buy" online presence and further developments will be brought on line in 2014.
  • There is a focus on improving website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), supported by external consultancy.
  • Our marketing collateral and campaigns are better planned and more closely aligned to our key objectives. Web tools are used to maximise opportunities from "e" marketing and online customer contact and wherever possible we will better target campaigns to relevant clients, delegates or course bookers.
  • We have an increased focus on our competitors and competing offers in the marketplace, checking regularly to benchmark price and quality against our own.
  • There are increased levels of recruitment, supported by the addition of an HR professional and our trainers have been up-skilled to improve their knowledge and utilisation.
  • Financial and management reports have been improved, particularly to optimise course attendance and profitability which has been key in minimising the cancellation of courses or the movement of dates.
  • We introduced a much improved data base tool with which to track certification through to completion. Together with other improvements we believe this has significantly improved the administration of the certification process.