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Delegation Skills training course

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Course overview

A 1 day training course looking at how to delegate tasks confidently and successfully. The course is suitable for managers and team leaders who need to delegate with confidence, knowing that work will be carried out to the highest standards.

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Benefits of attending for the learner

  • Identify ways of improving their performance and that of the team.
  • Improve their productivity and that of others.
  • Review their activities, responsibilities and priorities.
  • Identify ways of achieving results with less effort and in reduced timescales.
  • Delegate tasks as a way of motivating people.
  • Improve competences & attitudes of others through sharing challenging work opportunities.

What you will learn

In essence delegation is giving someone else control of something that is part of your job, and most of us have strong feelings about letting control slip from our grasp. Individuals who delegate effectively are able to spend more time and energy on more important creative and strategic work. They also motivate their teams by empowering staff and supporting their personal development. This course emphasises the benefits brought by effective delegation.

Course content:

  • Understanding delegation and its advantages.
  • Linking delegation, responsibility, ownership and empowerment.
  • Planning whether, when and how to delegate.
  • Identifying your personal leadership preferences - do you delegate enough?
  • Handling the real and imagined barriers to delegation.
  • Identifying activities and objectives to be delegated.
  • Practicing practical delegation – knowing when and how!
  • Setting measures to track progress and motivate through delegation.
  • Providing clarity, support and constructive feedback.
  • When delegation goes wrong - problems and solutions.

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