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Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment of Water Systems within buildings training course

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A 3 day training course designed for legionella risk assessors of hot and cold water systems. The course gives theoretical and practical guidance with a strong tie to HSG 274 Part 2, BS 8580: Legionella Control – Code of Practice and BSRIA Guide to Legionellosis – Risk Assessment Procedures. Candidates should have some field experience within risk assessment prior to attending or have sat Legionella Hot and Cold Water Systems

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Please see below for our full training overview for the Hazards and Risk Assessment of Water Systems course.

Benefits of attending for the delegate

  • You will gain the knowledge and skills to undertake risk assessments on water systems.

Benefits of attending for the employer

  • Compliance with the "L8 Fourth edition" code of practice and HSG274 Technical Guidance.
  • Risk assessment of your water systems to help guard against an outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease.

What you will learn

  • You will revisit the risks associated with Legionella bacteria, Legionnaires' Disease, conditions for proliferation, medical aspects and routes of transmission.
  • Legal implications – the tie between Regulations, Code of Practices and how the ACOP L8 Fourth edition and HSG274 Part 2 Technical Guidance sit within this.
  • Greater interpretation of the ACOP L8 / HSG 274 Part 2, what each covers and the main changes of the fourth edition.
  • Determination of a management structure and responsibilities within.
  • Written scheme – explanation and how to assess the suitability of its detail.
  • Requirements for Risk Assessment (principles, methodology, determination of risk level)
  • Introduction to the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, WRAS and backflow.
  • Identification of hazards (design /operation) and suitable ways to remedy within hot and cold water systems.
  • Recommended monitoring requirements for control of legionella bacteria within for hot and cold water systems.
  • Identification of other risk systems that feature in HSG 274 Part 3, for the purposes of informing customer to bring in specialist assistance.
  • When bacteriological sampling is required within hot and cold water systems and how the customer should be rectifying elevated results.
  • Assessment of disinfection procedures (focused around chlorine).

What qualifications will you achieve?

  • This course incorporates assessment and certification under the City and Guilds Frontline Skills Framework Utilities 5831 scheme unit 402 Risk Assessment of Water Systems in Buildings.

How is this training delivered?

  • The course is delivered in the classroom. Where possible we will use local water systems to put the course materials in to context.
  • The City and Guilds qualification is assessed through written tests and completion of risk assessment documentation.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Delegates can bring with them any materials used by their own employer, copies of risk assessments or management systems so that they can see how their materials fit in to the context of the training.

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3 day training course
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£735.00 + certification

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