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Thermostatic Mixing Valves training course

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A 1 day training course for persons who are involved with the testing of thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) particularly to prevent accidental scalding.

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Please see below for our full training overview for the Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV) course.

Benefits of attending for the delegate

  • Greater understanding of mixing valves, operation and testing.

Benefits of attending for the employer

  • Safety of end users.
  • Compliance with legal and advisory standards.

What you will learn

  • Water Systems Safety - background.
  • Hot water systems - scalding hazards.
  • Legal and advisory documents (including HTM requirements for the healthcare sector).
  • Point of use mixing.
  • Group centralised mixing.
  • Correct use and testing of digital thermometers.
  • Commissioning servicing and testing of thermostatic valves: (1) correct temperature, (2) fail-safe testing.
  • Recording information.
  • Fault finding.

What qualifications will you achieve?

  • This course incorporates assessment and certification under the City and Guilds Frontline Skills Framework Utilities 5831 scheme.

How is this training delivered?

  • The course is delivered in the classroom.
  • Where possible we will use local water systems to put the course materials in to context.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Delegates can bring with them any materials used by their own employer, copies of risk assessments or management systems so that they can see how their materials fit in to the context of the training.

Price from: £242.00 + VAT

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Course code
1 day training course
Price from
£242.00 + certification

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02/11/2018Fri 02 Nov 2018Fri 02 Nov 2018 Linlithgow £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
21/01/2019Mon 21 Jan 2019Mon 21 Jan 2019 Swindon £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
05/02/2019Tue 05 Feb 2019Tue 05 Feb 2019 Derby £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
05/03/2019Tue 05 Mar 2019Tue 05 Mar 2019 York £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
01/04/2019Mon 01 Apr 2019Mon 01 Apr 2019 Bolton £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
07/05/2019Tue 07 May 2019Tue 07 May 2019 Swindon £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
04/06/2019Tue 04 Jun 2019Tue 04 Jun 2019 Derby £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
01/07/2019Mon 01 Jul 2019Mon 01 Jul 2019 York £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
06/08/2019Tue 06 Aug 2019Tue 06 Aug 2019 Linlithgow £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
02/09/2019Mon 02 Sep 2019Mon 02 Sep 2019 Swindon £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
15/10/2019Tue 15 Oct 2019Tue 15 Oct 2019 York £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
18/11/2019Mon 18 Nov 2019Mon 18 Nov 2019 Derby £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket
02/12/2019Mon 02 Dec 2019Mon 02 Dec 2019 Bolton £242.00£290.40 Add to my basket