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AP AC Heating Ventilation - HTM 03 training course

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Course overview

A 4 day training course for learners who are being considered for appointment as authorised person ventilation. Learners who are to be appointed under the guidelines of the new HTM-03 ventilation systems in healthcare premises should be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of experience of mechanical ventilation systems, mechanical principles and theory.

AP AC Heating Ventilation - HTM 03

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Benefits of attending for the learner

  • Greater understanding and compliance with legislation included in the new HTM-03.
  • Improved communication between project engineers, managers and maintenance contractors.

Benefits of attending for the employer

  • Full compliance with the new procedures incorporated in the recently published HTM-03 legislation.
  • Acquisition of an independent recommendation of the suitability of the successful learner as a potential candidate for appointment as an Authorised Person (vent systems).
  • Better documentation, communication and enforcement of appropriate working procedures.

What you will learn

Course content:

  • Understand the standards of design & installation of ventilation systems LEVs, Split Systems Air Handling units, Critical Systems, (HTM Part 'A') and their advantages, disadvantages, principal components and correct maintenance requirements.
  • Understanding of the principal health & safety issues associated with ventilation systems of all types installed in hospital premises.
  • Understanding of the operational Appointments, Roles and Duties of Appointed.
  • Understanding of the basic principles of air conditioning system controls & the common problems associated with them. The necessary skills associated with system fault-finding and correction.
  • Understanding of the principles of psycrometry and its use for the resolution of operational problems.
  • Carry out Air Handling Unit inspection audits and identify construction and maintenance issues.
  • Verify critical system airflow and pressures use appropriate instruments and calculations using criteria for determining the appropriate ventilation rates.
  • Complete validation checklist reports for Critical Ventilation Systems.
  • Carry out the necessary steps required for a Safe System of Work; Safety Method Statement, Risk Assessments, Site identification sketches, Safe Isolation Procedures, Permit to work system.

What qualifications will you achieve?

  • The output from this training course is a recommendation to support an Authorising Engineers decision when considering the appointment of Authorised Persons (Ventilation Systems in Healthcare Premises).

How is this training delivered?

  • This course is delivered using our in-house adaptation of HTM-03-01.
  • Learners will complete exercises that involve the management, application and control of documentation. There is an emphasis on hands on experience wherever this is possible.
  • At the end of the course, learners will sit a formal examination based on all of the concepts covered in the course.

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4 day course
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