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Companies across the UK fined for working at height failings

Companies across the UK fined for working at height failings

23 May 2016

Accidents when working at height remain one of the biggest causes of fatalities and injuries within the UK. It is essential that employers make sure than any working at height undertaken by their employees is planned, organised and supervised correctly. 

Far below the expected standard

Last month, a roofing company based in Worcester was fined £66,000 after an employee fell through a fragile roof skylight and suffered a broken wrist. Edward Fryer of the HSE said: “The investigation found that the Company fell far below the expected standard”.

Another company in Kent was fined £160,000 for unsafe working practices after a worker almost fell through a roof. The court heard that MJ Allen Holdings had failed to provide suitable working at height equipment and training.

Inadequate supervision of workers

David Ashley Construction limited of Alfreton, Derbyshire was fined £20,000 last month after an employee fell 13 metres down a service shaft whilst dismantling framework at a construction site in Leicester. Inadequate supervision of workers and an unsafe system of work were attributed to the accident by the HSE.

Similarly, P V Solar Ltd of Glasgow have been fined £153,000 after a worker fell through a fragile roof in Kent, the worker fractured his shin and a vertebra in the accident that happened in 2013. The HSE found that even though all of the correct equipment had been provided to the worker, he had received no training on how to use them.

No safe system of prevention

A 24 year-old worker from Pembrokeshire fell through a fragile roof and broke his elbow and arm, resulting in a £5,000 fine for a small family partnership after it was found that there was no safe system of prevention for such a fall.

A senior worker at Clean Earth Energy Limited fell 15 feet through a fragile roof and suffered several fractured vertebrae. The Cornish company was fined £20,000 after the work was found to be improperly planned and supervised.

GFT Frames Limited, based in Bournemouth, has been fined £6,000 after a worker fell three metres when installing glazed window units, the employee sustained a broken thumb and two fractured ribs. The company was found to have failed to planned and supervised the work correctly.

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