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Confined Spaces Awareness seminar

Confined Spaces Awareness seminar

Join us at our York training centre on 13 September 2017 for our Confined Spaces Awareness seminar. The event is designed to raise awareness among training managers and directors about the risks associated with confined spaces and what can be done to mitigate them.

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Controlling Legionella: FREE whitepaper

Controlling Legionella: FREE whitepaper

29 October 2015

The importance of managing the risks associated with legionella shows no sign of dwindling. Recent outbreaks of legionella on both sides of the Atlantic have thrown the subject back under the spotlight and prompting businesses to redouble their efforts in ensuring they remain vigilant to the dangers posed by the disease.

A couple of months ago we published a popular eBook – The Legionella Prevention Guide – which gave readers bite-sized, practicable advice on what actions they should be taking in their workplaces and what they should be wary of when it comes to combatting the risks of the disease.

We’re delighted now to introduce Controlling Legionella: Training and compliance for air conditioning and water systems maintenance – our brand new in-depth whitepaper looking at the causes, how artificial water systems allow bacteria to thrive, strategies to prevent legionella in air conditioning and water systems, and the business benefits of legionella training from Develop Training (DTL).

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This is the first in a series of whitepapers we’ll be publishing over the coming months on a variety of subjects relevant to the health & safety and compliance training solutions offered by DTL.

More information on DTL's legionella training solutions can be found here.