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DTL's 8-Second Lesson series

DTL's 8-Second Lesson series

Recognising that the eldest individuals in Generation Z are now entering the workplace, and observing that - apparently - their attention span is just EIGHT seconds, DTL looked at what key learning could be conveyed in such a short time. Thus, DTL's 8-Second Lesson video series was born!

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DTL goes for gold in support of skills development

08 April 2015

DTL goes for gold in support of skills development

Develop Training (DTL) is delighted to achieve gold accreditation with the Energy and Efficiency Independent Assessment Service (EEIAS), an employer lead assessment body created by the Energy and Efficiency Industrial Partnership (EEIP).

The EEIP is a group of employers from the energy and utilities industry, including companies such as SGN, Siemans and G4S, who have come together to reshape the skills landscape for the sector. This comes at a time when skills shortages are rife, and as such the partnership hopes to address this imminent issue by driving a radical new approach to recruitment, skills and workforce development.

The Energy and Efficiency Industrial Partnership has Government backing through the Employer Ownership of Skills (EOS) fund. This includes a £33 million investment from the Government, matched by an addition £82 million from employers.

The partnership is working together to set the skills agenda for the energy and utilities industry, and will lead innovative approaches to skills development. The EEIAS provides a quality measure for the development of skills and supports good practice across the industry.

As the UK's leading accredited provider of Compliance, Technical and Safety Training, DTL knew it could add value to the EEIP and decided to go for accreditation with the EEIAS, in support of the cause.

"Develop Training's award of the gold accreditation acts as a quality standard for participation in the EEIP and shows that the company's market leader training solutions are in line with current best practice thinking", says Ross Kerr, Curriculum Manager, at Develop Training.

Having achieved provider approval, DTL is now able to work with other EEIP members to create and deliver training solutions that will have a significant impact on the skills deficit.

For more information please call us on 0800 876 6708 or visit the Energy and Efficiency Industrial Partnership website.

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