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Confined Spaces Awareness seminar

Confined Spaces Awareness seminar

Join us at our York training centre on 13 September 2017 for our Confined Spaces Awareness seminar. The event is designed to raise awareness among training managers and directors about the risks associated with confined spaces and what can be done to mitigate them.

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DTL publishes 'must read' Electrical Safety at Work whitepaper

DTL publishes 'must read' Electrical Safety at Work whitepaper

17 August 2016

DTL is pleased to announce the launch of our latest whitepaper, entitled 'Electrical Safety at Work'.

The launch of the whitepaper comes after DTL hosted two very successful Compliance in HV Disciplines events in York and London last month. Repeat events in Derby, Swindon, York and London in September and October are well subscribed.

10 percent of all fatalities

Around 1,000 accidents at work in the UK each year involve electricity, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Of these, around 30 are fatal and 10% of all fatalities at work are due to electrical incidents.

While there are some basic rules for good practice which apply in most situations, there is a vast array of different standards and codes of practice governing how these should be applied to suit specific systems within different industries and environments.

In-depth report

DTL's Electrical Safety at Work whitepaper is an in-depth look at the risks involved in working with electricity, an employer's duties and key factors in compliance, and how to ensure your workforce's competence.

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