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DTL staff present project ideas

DTL staff present project ideas

26 January 2017

The Develop Training Ltd (DTL) Board of Directors were joined last week by a cohort of DTL staff currently going through training as part of their ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management Award.

The session was to allow each delegate to present a project designed to provide at least £10,000 in added value to DTL, be it a cost saving or generated income.  It was an opportunity for each to reflect on the learning they'd gained through the training they'd received previously on the ILM programme, and apply it to positively impact DTL's future business.

The seven-strong group of delegates come from different areas of DTL's business, including Marketing, Customer Service, Delivery, Curriculum and Apprenticeships.  Presentations ranged from the optimisation of trainer utilisation to internal car sharing campaigns, new market diversification and the increased conversion of business leads created through marketing campaigns. Collectively, the values attached to the projects totalled more than £1 million.

The culmination of several months' hard work

Ben Shilton, Client Engagement Manager for DTL said: "I found the process of researching and presenting my project thoroughly enjoyable, and to receive feedback from the Board of Directors on my project and presenting skills was extremely fulfilling."

"The opportunity to showcase a project to the Board of Directors was exciting," said Claire Burton, Lecturer for DTL, "In terms of my own development, receiving positive, on-the-spot feedback was fantastic and the culmination of several months of hard work."

Innovative, exciting and cost-saving

Leading the programme on behalf of DTL, Clive Lawrence-Forbes said: "The ILM internal management programme has given the delegates a platform to show what they are made of, and it hasn't disappointed!

"Managers came up with innovative, exciting and cost-saving ideas, a number of which are now being considered for implementation within the business."