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Large UK companies providing 'inadequate' in-house apprenticeships

Large UK companies providing 'inadequate' in-house apprenticeships

08 June 2016

Back in December, the UK government released the ‘English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 Vision’ document (available here) which outlines major changes to apprenticeships over the next five years.

One such change was a drive for colleges and employers “taking a greater share of the apprenticeship training market”, and an expectation to see “employers offering apprenticeship training directly”. The aim was to put employers “in the driving seat” by delivering their own apprenticeships in-house.

Back then, the department for Business, innovation and Skills (BIS) stated that: “We recognise that employers can be extremely successful training providers and we want to encourage those who want to take this route to deliver high-quality apprenticeships.”

Inadequate levels of training

This week, questions have been raised about this change after Ofsted released a report stating that many large companies in the UK are providing “inadequate” levels of training for their apprentices. The Association of Employment and Learning Providers has since advised these companies to “stick to core business and instead use the services of an experienced training provider”.

Worryingly, a quarter of all companies inspected since the framework launched in September have been awarded the lowest possible rating, with the average rating being a mediocre three.

Such areas primed for criticism were poor leadership and management, substandard teaching methods and low quality outcomes. There are now calls for updated criteria that will need to be met my all training providers in the UK, ensuring high-quality apprenticeships will be available for all.

Apprenticeships are the perfect solution

At Develop Training (DTL), we work in partnership with our clients to create and deliver Apprenticeship programmes that grow the skills and competence of new and existing employees.

Apprenticeships are the perfect solution to address long-term skills shortages, and our approved range of utilities apprenticeships and business apprenticeship programmes offer a flexible route to building the knowledge and skills of your workforce.

Our programmes involve real life, hands-on, experience and unique delivery options. Over the last 10 years, we have successfully delivered more than 1,000 programmes with retention and success rates of over 95%. Our experience lies in the development and delivery of Gas Apprenticeships, Water Apprenticeships and Business Apprenticeship Programmes.

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