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Legionella failings in the health sector show the need for appropriate training

Legionella failings in the health sector show the need for appropriate training

17 May 2016

The serious dangers of Legionella continue to be a regular problem in the UK, particularly in hospitals.

Hospital closure in Oxfordshire

Wantage Community Hospital in Oxfordshire will be closing indefinitely after legionella bacteria was found in the water system. Oxford NHS Trust stressed that there are no health risks at present and are currently using short-term methods to tackle the issue; it is unclear whether the hospital will re-open.

A spokesperson for the trust explained: “Keeping the hospital open while work on this scale takes place would make it very difficult to maintain a safe environment and would have a detrimental impact on patient care."

Death of a patient

In Bath, the recent death of a 68-year old patient has caused controversy after it was revealed that Bath Royal Hospital misinterpreted the results into the death of the patient. The man succumbed to the illness after a malfunctioning water supply system put him into contact with the deadly legionella virus.

Originally, Bath’s Royal United Hospital strongly disputed the HSE’s findings and the patient’s cause of death; acknowledging that Legionella was the cause, but disputing the fact that it was caught within his time in the facility.

However, an inquest in February found that the 68-year-old contracted the deadly bacteria from the water supply to the William Budd ward where he was a cancer patient.

Free whitepaper

Our whitepaper, Controlling Legionella: Training and compliance for air conditioning and water systems maintenance - looks at the causes of legionella, how artificial water systems allow bacteria to thrive, strategies to prevent legionella in air conditioning and water systems, and the business benefits of legionella training from Develop Training (DTL).

Download it for free by clicking below:

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Training courses for Legionella prevention

We can offer courses covering the following areas of Legionella prevention:

  • Hot and Cold Water Systems
  • Cooling Towers
  • Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Risk Assessments
  • Roles of the Responsible Person
  • L8 Legionella training

DTL has reported several similar incidents already this year and they only serve to highlight the need for sufficient training. Click here to view our range of legionella awareness courses.

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