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LEGIONELLA | Patient dies from Legionnaire's disease at Bath's Royal United Hospital

LEGIONELLA | Patient dies from Legionnaire's disease at Bath's Royal United Hospital

15 February 2016

The 68-year old patient succumbed to the illness after a malfunctioning water supply system put him into contact with the deadly legionella virus.

The BBC recently reported that the man, from Bath, caught the infection whilst being treated for leukaemia, just days after being admitted to the hospital.

Originally, Bath’s Royal United Hospital strongly disputed the HSE’s findings and the patient’s cause of death; acknowledging that legionella was the cause, but disputing the fact that it was caught within his time in the facility.

Malfunctioning water distribution system

Once tests had taken place on the premises, it was found that legionella was evident in the malfunctioning water supply and distribution system of the hospital; they have since apologised to the man’s family and acted on the HSE’s recommendations.

The serious dangers of Legionella continue to be a regular problem in the UK

Ineffective management of water can encourage the growth of legionella bacteria which can then become airborne in water droplets. If this water is inhaled, it can lead to the contraction of legionnaire’s disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.

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Training courses for Legionella prevention

We can offer courses covering the following areas of Legionella prevention:

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