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Management and Leadership seminars make for an informative Friday

Management and Leadership seminars make for an informative Friday

04 April 2017

Develop Training Ltd (DTL) collaborated with the University of Derby last week to host delegates from a variety of industries at our inaugural Mindfulness and Lean & Six Sigma 'taster' seminars.

The events, both of which took place on Friday 31 March 2017, were designed to introduce senior figures within industry to the benefits of promoting Mindfulness in the workplace, and the value of adopting Lean and Six Sigma principles to drive process efficiencies.

Increasingly in business, organisations are embracing the introduction of Mindfulness programmes to help promote health & safety, enhance productivity and positively affecting recruitment and attrition rates.  Our 'taster' session looked at the benefits of Mindfulness programmes at work and how it can increase productivity, performance and wellbeing.  In addition, it examined case studies of firms actively using Mindfulness techniques in the workplace.

Our session on Lean & Six Sigma was focussed on operational excellence and the importance of consistently delivering customer satisfaction and delight while improving key performance metrics to reduce waste, maximise output and drive increased profitability.  In particular, the session explored the benefits of continuous improvement at work and how Lean & Six Sigma competencies remove variation in processes to increase profits and sustainability. It also analysed case studies which showcased by global firms are using Lean & Six Sigma to drive their continous improvement strategy.

If you would like further information on how DTL can assist you in implementing Mindfulness or Lean & Six Sigma principles into your workplace, please call Clive Lawrence-Forbes on 0800 876 6708.

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