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NEW COURSE | Be a More Effective Manager

NEW COURSE | Be a More Effective Manager

13 October 2016

Whether you're experienced in managing others or new to it, are you really getting the best out of yourself and harnessing the true value of your team members?

Develop Training Ltd (DTL)'s brand new course Be a More Effective Manager is a stimulating, fascinating, interactive 3-day workshop that helps managers understand basic neuroscience, how the brain and the mind works, how to perform better and with less stress and why people and teams behave the way they do.

Unlock your managers' true potential

These new insights will help managers and their teams to perform at their very best and be motivated to their optimum.

The content of this unique and engaging workshop focuses on the boundless capabilities and activities within the brain and the mind when engaged in essential managerial tasks and key business skills; managing and motivating others, making decisions, managing stressful situations, planning and sustaining change in the workplace.

Benefits of attending (for the delegate):

  • Understand how our emotions, mindset, values and beliefs impact on our behaviour and performance
  • Gain an awareness of leadership styles, how your own style affects your team and how to adapt to best suit the situation
  • Understand the process of how we learn, and what genuinely motivates and engages people in the workplace
  • Know how to enhance productivity, job satisfaction, loyalty, sense of belonging and the knock-on effects of improved wellbeing
  • Learn strategies to invigorate or re-engage staff whose energy levels or attitudes harm or reduce the performance of the team

Organisations thrive when they employ managers who better understand the nature of people at the heart of the business and the basics of what drives, motivates, engages and stresses every individual. The Be A More Effective Manager programme provides the foundation for unlocking a manager's true potential and hardnessing further value from themselves and their teams.


Be a More Effective Manager is available to book right now - click here for further information or call 0800 876 6708 to speak with our friendly team.