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NEWS | Flash flood warnings underline the need for proper training

NEWS | Flash flood warnings underline the need for proper training

31 May 2016

The MET office has posted yellow flood warnings across much of eastern England amid warnings of torrential rain over the next few days.

The band of thunderstorms that caused serious damage in Germany this weekend and killed four is spreading westward from the North Sea and hitting the UK this morning. Bringing torrential rain and battering winds across the entire east coast from Lincoln to Kent.

Remain alert of the changing weather

Widespread disruption to travel is expected in East Anglia, Lincolnshire, the South East and the East Midlands; with as much as 20mm of rain falling within an hour. The environment agency has advised people to “remain alert of the changing weather” and to “drive accordingly”. Download our Driver Safety Handbook for tips on safe driving in wet weather:

Click here to download a free copy of  'The Driver Safety Training'  eBook

After dramatic floods this winter, the growing threat from extreme and unpredictable weather is becoming clear, and the need for flood awareness training has never been more vital.

Develop Training offers five dedicated flood defence and incident courses in the following areas:

Surface Water Flooding Incidents: Communicating with Customers - A one day course designed to provide skills in the effective communication with those affected by flooding incidents.

Surface Water Flooding Incidents: Awareness - Another compact one-day course for the awareness of flood defence and incident management.

We also have two-day courses incorporating City & Guilds assessments, all have been designed to support effective working in flood defence and incidents at three levels: For operatives, for supervisors and for managers.

DTL’s Flood Defence and Incidents Training Solutions are designed to help businesses and emergency services prepare for flooding in their area, and manage the associated risks. Click here for more information or call our friendly team on 0800 876 6708.