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NEWS | Two firms fined for Legionella failings

NEWS | Two firms fined for Legionella failings

20 January 2016

The serious dangers of Legionella continue to be a regular problem in the UK. Just this week, two firms have been fined for Legionella failings after ineffective risk control.

A steel coating company in Newport has been fined £75,000, plus £28,000 in costs for ineffective Legionella management over a period of five years. Despite several previous warnings from the HSE, the water towers used by Coilcolor Ltd were in poor condition and lacking any water treatment programme.

To make matters worse, no staff on the site had received training about the potentially fatal bacteria.

Also this week, an international engineering firm in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, has also been fined for failing to manage the risk of legionella to both the public and their staff.

Chromalloy was accused of failing to maintain the correct infrastructure necessary to prevent the growth of Legionella and failing to keep the necessary chemicals to kill the bacteria effectively.

The fine issued was a total of £110,000, plus £77,000 in costs. 

Businesses should be remaining vigilant to the dangers of legionella and be up-to-date in current legislation to prevent further accidents.

Ineffective management of water can encourage the growth of legionella bacteria which can then become airborne in water droplets. If this water is inhaled, it can lead to the contraction of legionnaire’s disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.

We recently published Controlling Legionella: Training and compliance for air conditioning and water systems maintenance – our brand new in-depth whitepaper looking at the causes, how artificial water systems allow bacteria to thrive, strategies to prevent legionella in air conditioning and water systems, and the business benefits of legionella training from Develop Training (DTL).

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We can offer courses covering the following areas of Legionella prevention:

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DTL has reported several similar incidents already this year and they only serve to highlight the need for sufficient training. Click here to view our range of legionella courses.