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PM's delayed flood defence report no excuse for not training

PM's delayed flood defence report no excuse for not training

05 September 2016

The UK is drastically ill-prepared for the growing risk of flooding, claims Develop Training Ltd (DTL), the UK’s leading water industry training and consultancy specialist.

The call comes as council leaders press Theresa May over the delayed national flood resilience review, which was established to assess how the country can be better protected from flooding and increasingly extreme weather events. The report, due in July, has now been delayed.

Britain has struggled in recent years to cope with flooding levels - Storm Desmond last December caused severe flooding across the north of England, Wales and Scotland, and Storm Eva, which came later that month, caused further chaos.

Investment is crucial

A new standard of quality and capacity has to be set if the country is to avoid serious and disruptive incidents in future, says DTL, with local authorities and other organisations with responsibility for the problem needing to invest far more heavily in training, the company says.

DTL says effective training plays a huge role in reducing the risks through flood prevention and coping with the fallout if an incident does occur. It enables those responsible to manage and coordinate flood responses, safely deploy relevant staff members and report on the effectiveness of defences.

Prevention is key

Steve Braund, Marketing Manager at DTL, explains: “As with most risks, prevention is key and therefore we feel it is vital for councils and organisations to employ suitable and realistic training solutions now, instead of waiting for another flood situation to impact them. It is important that those involved in flood defences are correctly trained to work safely and effectively, in order to minimise the risks from the increasing incidents of flooding.”

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