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Safeguarding & Prevent in the workplace tops agenda at Industry Skills Forum

Safeguarding & Prevent in the workplace tops agenda at Industry Skills Forum

01 November 2018

Keeping young people safe at work was top of the agenda at the latest Industry Skills Forum hosted by Develop Training Limited (DTL).

The event attracted senior apprenticeship and HR managers from a large number of major construction, infrastructure and utilities companies.

Safeguarding & Prevent hot topics on the agenda

Safeguarding to prevent abuse and harm is a hot topic, as large firms look to take on more young apprentices under the government’s levy scheme. The round table event also highlighted Prevent, the government’s initiative to avoid radicalisation of young people.

Shared responsibilities between training provider & employers 

Tanya Parkin, DTL’s HR Manager and safeguarding lead, outlined how the company is tackling the safeguarding issue as an approved apprenticeship provider. The presentation, co-hosted by Andy Holmes, DTL’s Head of Audit and Quality, raised key discussion points around the shared responsibilities of the training provider and its corporate customers.

Describing DTL’s journey since becoming an approved apprenticeship provider under the levy, Tanya said: “We have implemented a safeguarding and prevent strategy in the business. Our board of directors is really engaged with the subject, which has allowed us to roll out the strategy in our processes and training documentation.”

Under 18's and vulnerable adults 

“Safeguarding in the workplace is focused on under 18s but not confined to that age group” she explained. DTL relies on the government’s document Safeguarding: Keeping Children Safe in Education for its policies on keeping apprentices safe. The guidelines outline processes for recruitment and training of teaching staff and others working with young people, as well as the duties of designated responsible persons.

Expert presentations 

A second presentation by an expert in extremism outlined the risks posed by radicalisation and how the Prevent initiative operates to combat the threat. Providers such as DTL have a duty to refer young people who appear to be at risk of radicalisation to a specialist panel as well as to incorporate British values into the learning process.

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