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SGN delegates showcase cost saving proposals

SGN delegates showcase cost saving proposals

11 October 2016

SGN delegates currently working towards a Leadership and Management qualification with Develop Training Ltd (DTL) have successfully delivered their final project proposals this week in front of a selected audience in Edinburgh. Key influential persons within SGN, alongside new inductees on the programme, were presented with six differing business cases.

The delegates have spent the last 12 months working towards an ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management Level 3 alongside their day-to-day activities as part of SGN's 'Ideal Manager' strategy for all new managers, aspiring managers and trainees.

Providing managers with tools to develop their own skills & abilities

The Certificate is designed for individuals with management responsibilities but no formal training who are serious about developing their abilities. It builds leadership capabilities, such as motivating and engaging teams and managing relationships confidently, and benefits employers by creating effective first-line managers, improving team relationships and communication and providing managers with the tools to develop their own skills and abilities.

The presentations, held at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, were the final chapter in the ILM programme and an opportunity to put into action the learning each delegate had undergone over the previous 12 months.

Each proposal was markedly different, with a variety of ways suggested on how to make potential cost savings, within operational, maintenance and environmental aspects of the business.

A fitting finale to the ILM programme

"The presentation event was a great success, providing a fitting finale to the delegates' ILM programme," said Neil Snell, Head of Training and Development for SGN.

"The active engagement of the candidates and quality of proposals showcased, underlines the improvement in individual performance and development in core management skills each has gained through DTL’s programme delivery."

Tangible benefits for both employer and delegate

Clive Lawrence-Forbes, Head of Management Development for DTL said: "Our ILM programme has been a true partnership approach, in demonstrating tangible benefits that can be achieved via a well-constructed learning and development programme. These project presentations clearly show what can be accomplished."

DTL offers a variety of Management Development training solutions to suit all requirements. For more information, download our brochure: 

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