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The collaboration conundrum

The collaboration conundrum

23 February 2018

In the business world sayings such as collaborate or die..., collaborate or perish..., collaborate for a better future..., are in abundance.

But what does it really mean to collaborate? How far, for example, can collaboration go without undermining the very structure of a business, how that business operates on a day-to-day basis, and ultimately who takes responsibility for what's being done?

Develop Training Ltd (DTL) may just have the very answer.

What it means to collaborate

As a means of extending its extraordinarily successful Learning & Management programmes, DTL has been working (well, collaborating) with Shared Service Architecture Ltd (SSA).

SSA is a teaching company which focusses on equipping public sector leaders with the skills and knowledge to initiate and deliver successful shared service and collaborative transformation programmes. You can read more about SSA at

Whilst SSA has a deep understanding of the public sector, DTL complements this with its own extensive experience of the utilities, FM and construction sectors.

Launch of apprenticeship

Together, DTL and SSA will shortly launch a Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship with a strong theme of Collaborative Leadership.

The apprenticeship is designed to be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy and will incorporate eight learning modules and periods of formal assessment over 15-18 months.

Learn more by contacting DTL today.

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