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Training Managers LAP up DTL Learning & Assessment Portal webinar

Training Managers LAP up DTL Learning & Assessment Portal webinar

29 March 2017

Develop Training Ltd (DTL) was joined by a throng of training managers earlier today for our inaugural Learning & Assessment Portal (LAP) webinar, which included a mini-case study segment from NWL Training Contracts Manager - and existing LAP user - Tracey Greener.

The LAP was created by DTL to streamline and optimise approaches to training management, providing an informed understanding of the learning and development needs of staff, while facilitating the delivery of appropriate training to ensure they are both compliant with relevant legislation and progressing in their careers.

Impressively high functionality

The webinar was led by DTL Sales & Marketing Director Chris Wall, who provided a useful overview of the Company before Anne Rogerson (Business Director - IT Services) walked those in attendance through the different areas of the LAP and the multitude of functionality within each.

This included showing attendees how, through using the LAP, they can:

  • Manage and control their entire learning and development requirements from one platform
  • Allow employee and training information to be understood quickly and effectively
  • Measure, analyse and report on training company-wide, sorting by department, geographical location, or individual
  • Automate repeat tasks and reports at time intervals to suit
  • Automate e-mail and SMS reminders direct to staff

Endorsed by NWL

Tracey Greener then explained how the LAP has been used by NWL to realise cost savings in excess of £100k year on year for the past five years, before a brief Q&A session to conclude proceedings.

Interested in learning more about DTL's Learning & Assessment Portal? Download the brochure here:

Download your copy now!

Pictured above: Chris Wall (Sales & Marketing Manager) & Steve Braund (Marketing Manager) during today's webinar.

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