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tRIIO managers benefit from DTL Gas Appreciation training

tRIIO managers benefit from DTL Gas Appreciation training

17 July 2017

A cohort of managers and aspiring managers from tRIIO visited DTL's Derby training centre for a bespoke course on Gas Appreciation. 

The course, designed for those who may be new to working in gas networks, is aimed at a broad skills base that captures support staff through to management.  It provides delegates with a working knowlege (both practical and theory) of gas networks operations, dealing with the installation and maintenance of gas services and mains, underpinned by an appreciation of gas industry policies and procedures which support these activities.

Increased understanding

Upon completion, delegates have a greater understanding of:

  • The GD/GNO qualification system
  • The relationships between pressure ranges used in the gas distribution system
  • Pipe, fittings and associated tooling used in gas service and main laying activities
  • Flow stopping equipment (squeeze off)
  • The use of various types of personal protective equipment (PPE) on gas operational works
  • The prepare and use of a gascoseeker
  • The requirements for commissioning and decommissioning of gas supplies
  • Test pressures for different types of materials, prssures of supplies, and how to calculate them
  • The reasons for breathing apparatus and its use
  • Gas service laying installation methods and techniques
  • Gas main laying methods and techniques
  • Different gas service and gas mains connections
  • Requirements for 'as laid' drawings, variations and deviations
  • The procedures associated with permits to work, routine and non-routine operations

New gas training facility

tRIIO delegates were trained at DTL's newly fitted-out gas training facility in Derby, which features a pressurised gas distribution system and facilities to learn electro and butt fusion techniques for polyethylene pipe of different diameters.

The course forms part of a wider contract with tRIIO, in which DTL is providing tailored training for the leading gas engineering business.

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