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Wreckless behaviour shows safe working at height methods ignored

Wreckless behaviour shows safe working at height methods ignored

22 June 2016

DTL - Working At Height UnsafeWe see reports of death or serious injury to people working at height almost every single week.  These can occur for a variety of reasons, be it poor risk assessment, inadequate control measures or plain ignorance.

Such incidents, if not life-ending, are more often than not life-changing.  So we were alarmed to witness an individual last week cleaning the windows on the second storey of a Glasgow building with a complete disregard to their own safety and those passing by at street level beneath him.

Mercifully, the incident concluded without accident, but it brings home the importance of the appropriate training being provided to those working at height to ensure it is carried out safely, mitigating the substantial associated risks.

DTL provides such training in the guise of a one-day course relevant to persons who will work at height, or may be exposed to working at height, or need an awareness to ensure others are safe e.g. site supervisors and managers. The training is a good foundation for those who will move on to specialist qualifications such as rope work, climbing or the use of mobile platforms etc.

In addition DTL offers a three day training course for delegates nominated for appointment as authorising engineer, authorising person or person in charge working at height, on masts and towers and fixed accessways.

We've also created a handy pocket guide for people working at height - while it's no substitute for the proper training, it serves as a great little checklist.  Download it here:

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