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Expert training consultancy to help plan your training

Develop training consultants have a wealth of experience in helping our clients to find the right training route, for both the individual and company training needs. A complimentary consultation service is provided for all clients where training needs are assessed and the most suitable training solutions are recommended.

Helping you choose the right training for your workforce

Choosing the right training for your employees can be difficult when juggling the issues of compliance, skills and productivity.

We can help you discover what training you really need and create bespoke programmes to meet your requirements.

The consulation process will help you to focus your training budget on the areas that need it most, and ensure that you and/or your employees choose the right training solutions.

The training needs consulation will:

  • Look at the skills required for you and/or your workforce to be competent, and compliant with the latest legislation.
  • Review your competence and/or the competence of your employees to identify gaps in knowledge and skills.
  • Recommend the most suitable training solutions to fill the knowlege and skills gaps identified.

For more information please call one of our training advisors on 0800 876 6708.