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Gas Network Craftsperson apprenticeship

The main role of a Gas Network Craftsperson is to safely build, maintain and repair components of the UK's gas network infrastructure to provide a reliable supply of gas to domestic, commercial and industrial users.

There are three main roles within the apprenticeship:

  • Network maintenance craftsperson (Electrical & Instrumentation).
  • Network maintenance craftsperson (Pressure Management).
  • Emergency response craftsperson.

Please see below for our full programme overview for the Gas Network Craftsperson apprenticeship.

Core requirements (all roles): Knowledge

  • Testing and commissioning procedures.
  • Relevant health, safety & environmental standards and regulations.
  • Maintenance practices, processes and procedures associated with specific gas network systems, controls and equipment.
  • Relevant theory and principles underpinning the design and function of complex assets.
  • Components and associated systems and equipment.
  • Location, diagnosis and rectification of faults.

Core requirements (all roles): Skills

  • Risk assessments.
  • Compliance with workplace health, safety & environmental practices.
  • Installation of gas engineering assets, components and associated equipment.
  • Installation, test, purge and commission gas assets.
  • Operation of powered tools and equipment for network maintenance operations.
  • Compliance with the New Roads and Street Works Act requirements for signing, lighting and guarding.
  • Use of gas detection equipment.
  • Liaison with gas consumers, statutory agencies and members of the public.
  • Analysis of information for good decision making.


Dependent upon the specific job role within the apprenticeship, the total programme durations are expected to be up to 48 months, although most will complete in a shorter period.

Level: 3

Standards/Framework: Standards

Funding band: £27,000

Maths/English level required: 2

End point assessment:

  1. Portfolio including Observation
  2. Knowledge Assessment