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Maintenance and Operations Technicians apprenticeship

Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technicians maintain the safety, integrity and effective operation of plant and equipment in one or more of the following Industries that are part of or have activities that are part of the broader national infrastructure Engineering Sector: the electricity generating environment, which may use a range of different fuels including coal, gas, nuclear, wind and other renewable sources; telecommunications power plants; oil and gas refining; nuclear waste reprocessing; processing and production of chemicals; pharmaceuticals; human and animal food; cosmetics; petrochemicals; sewerage and the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas.

There are seven main roles within the apprenticeship:

  • Electrical technicians.
  • Mechanical technicians.
  • Control & instrumentation technicians.
  • Wind turbine technicians.
  • Electrical system & process control technicians.
  • Electromechanical technicians.
  • Plant operations technicians.

Please see below for our full programme overview for the Maintenance and Operations Technician apprenticeship.

Core requirements (all roles): Knowledge

  • First principles relating to the operation and maintenance of appropriate plant and equipment.
  • Relevant industry health and safety standards, regulations, and environmental and regulatory requirements.
  • Maintenance and operational practices, processes and procedures covering a range of plant and equipment.
  • The relevant engineering theories and principles relative to their occupation.

Core requirements (all roles): Skills

  • Compliance with health, safety & environmental standards and regulations.
  • Location and fixing of faults on plant and equipment.
  • Stakeholder communication.
  • Understanding & interpretation of information and work in compliance with technical specifications and supporting documentation.
  • Work area preparation.
  • Inspection & maintenance of plant & equipment.
  • Assessment & test of plant and equipment condition and performance.

Additional skills are required for each of the seven job roles listed above. For more information, refer to the full apprenticeship standard at


Typically 36-42 months.

Link to professional registration

This standard will meet the professional standards of the Engineering Council for registration as Engineering Technician (Eng Tech) by an appropriate Professional Engineering Institution.

Level: 3

Standards/Framework: Standards

Funding band: £27,000

Maths/English level required: 2

End point assessment:

  1. Knowledge Test.
  2. One-day Practical Observation.
  3. Two-Person Expert Technical.