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Water Process Technicians apprenticeship

Water Process Technicians perform reactive and routine maintenance on equipment to ensure safe and efficient operations, supporting other disciplines as necessary. The main roles involve working on water supply and treatment; water networks and leakage, sewerage and wastewater.

There are five main roles within the apprenticeship:

  • Water Treatment: Process Technician
  • Water Distribution: Network Technician
  • Water Distribution: Leakage Technician
  • Waste Water: Sewerage Network Technician
  • Waste Water: Treatment Technician

Please see below for our full programme overview for the Water Process Technician apprenticeship.

Core requirements (all roles): Knowledge

  • Relevant health, safety & environmental standards and regulations.
  • Maintenance practices, processes and procedures covering a range of waste and water systems, plant and equipment.
  • Water industry operations in water and waste water treatment.
  • Water and sewerage network operations.
  • Relevant theory and principles underpinning the use of specific equipment, instruments and IT systems.
  • Testing procedures of equipment and instruments as well as a range of fault finding procedures.

Core requirements (all roles): Skills

  • Application of relevant health, safety & environmental legislation, industry regulations, standards, practices and procedures.
  • Maintenance of clean water supply and effective removal and treatment of waste water.
  • Testing of equipment, instrument and IT systems.
  • Analysis of faults on systems, equipment, instruments and IT systems and implementation of effective solutions.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Driving vehicles equipped with tools and materials to job sites.
  • Effective communication.
  • Accurate recording of information.
  • Ability to safely adapt working methods to reflect changes in working environments.


Typically 48 months.

Link to professional registration

In achieving the Pass in this apprenticeship, the successful apprentice will be eligible for Engineering Technician (Eng.Tech) (or equivalent) professional registration.

Level: 3

Standards/Framework: Standards

Funding band: £12,000

Maths/English level required: 2

End point assessment:

  1. Portfolio 70%
  2. Knowledge Assessment 30%