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MaTE training programmes - Managing a Technical Environment

Develop Training's unique MaTE training solution is designed to progress and support people from a variety of vocational backgrounds, to increase their management and communication skills within a technical environment - moulding them in to effective team leaders and managers.

MaTE Training Programmes

MaTE Training Programmes

  • Health and Safety Practitioner
    For practitioners who would like to develop their personal skills for implementing or managing health and safety. Benefits supervisors and managers.
  • Operative
    Innovative real-play scenarios and exercises to improve confidence and understanding of others. Benefits anyone in an operational technical role.
  • Team Leader and Supervisor
    Innovative real-play scenarios and exercises to understand how to manage teams. Benefits leaders and supervisors in an operational technical role.
  • Team Leader to First Line Manager
    Workshop for new and aspiring managers to gain the knowledge and skills to manage others. Learn the skills required for better motivating your team.

What is MaTE?

MaTE is an innovative, interactive and engaging programme created by Develop Training and accredited by the ILM. Using a combination of theory based training sessions that focus on essential people skills, followed by innovative real-play scenario, delegates are able to gain an understanding of key management techniques and their practical application in the workplace.

What makes the MaTE Programme different?

MaTE takes the theory and puts it into practice within a controlled environment that reflects the delegates' work place and the day to day situations that they encounter with staff and customers. MaTE includes real-play scenario's that are tailored to the job role and sector of the delegate. This method uses actors to help bring the training to life and embed learning. Develop Training are experts in the delivery of Technical, Compliance and Safety Training across a range of industry sectors, meaning your chosen MaTE programme can be made relevant to your specific technical environment.

What are the potential benefits of MaTE?

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improve staff motivation.
  • Facilitate improved communication with staff.
  • Improve overall business operational efficiency.
  • Promote personal development.

Delegates who have been on the courses have the following to say:

  • "I most liked the practical way it was delivered - you do a task then learn about why and how it affects you"
  • "It was great how it related to our type of work"
  • "I really enjoyed the practical sessions"
  • "The course has made me think about my attitude, now I stop and think about the results I want before communicating with my team"

How to tailor your programme

Develop Training's Management Development training consultant will spend time with you to understand the job roles and responsibilities of each potential delegate. This will impact on the content of the programme and the duration of the training needed. Scenarios are then selected for the practical sessions specific to the job role of each individual, so that delegates are able to get the most out of the programme. By working together we are able to produce a MaTE programme specific and relevant to the issues and needs that our customers are currently facing.

For more information on MaTE, please call us on 0800 876 6708.

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Learner feedback

"Develop has provided active support in the development of First Line Managers at SGN. The provision of their bespoke programmes and ILM qualifications will improve individual performance and develop core management skills."
Neil Snell, Head of Training and Development, Scotia Gas Networks.