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Tools and techniques for Project Management Training

Develop Training understands that success or failure of a project is reduced when the project manager understands both the technical skills and issues of project management and the people dynamic.

Our Project Management Programme is designed to combine essential project management tools and techniques such as Gantt Charts, Work Breakdown Schedule, and Network Analysis with equally important human skills, including the ability to communicate, negotiate, listen, and lead.

Project Management Training Programme

Project Management Training Programme

  • Introduction to Project Management
    Programme for awareness and understanding of the tools, techniques, reports and control mechanisms that enable successful delivery of projects.

Successful project managers

The best project managers realise that technical knowledge alone won't necessarily ensure success - it's often "people problems" that quietly derail even the most meticulously planned projects.

A successful project manager effectively engages with others throughout the business, identifies issues and develops proposals for resolution and improvement, gets approval (financial and managerial) and implements.

Our Project Management Training Programme is for companies that are looking to provide functional managers, who have some or little to no project management experience, with an understanding of project management tools and techniques as well as developing the right behaviours needed to drive successful implementation through people.

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Learner feedback

"Develop has provided active support in the development of First Line Managers at SGN. The provision of their bespoke programmes and ILM qualifications will improve individual performance and develop core management skills."
Neil Snell, Head of Training and Development, Scotia Gas Networks.