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Training courses for Legionella awareness and compliance

Develop Training provide a range of Legionella training courses to reduce risks associated with Legionella Bacteria and support compliance with the L8 Approved Code of Practice.

Check our courses below to find the right training for you or click here for more information on Legionella training.

Note: Legionella courses form part of the accredited training within our bespoke Frontline Skills Framework 5831 Scheme.

Awareness of Legionella

Awareness plus Compliance

Managing Compliance

Specialist Training Courses

Courses to build legionella awareness

Outbreaks of Legionnaire's disease continue to be a recurring problem across the UK, and one that should be a concern for almost any industry sector. High profile cases over the years have seen Legionella bacteria present in hotels, hospitals, factories and garden centres.

Accredited, flexible training solutions

Develop Training Limited (DTL) has developed a range of training courses, created in partnership with The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). Develop's Legionella awareness qualification provides learners with an understanding of the risk, how to control it and the warning signs to look for in areas where the bacteria can replicate, providing employers with employee vigilance as the first line of Legionella defence. The training covers steps that maintenance teams can take to keep their systems safe.

  • Avoiding water temperatures and conditions that favour the growth of legionella and other micro-organisms.
  • Ensuring water cannot stagnate anywhere in the system by keeping pipe lengths as short as possible or removing redundant pipework.
  • Keeping the system and the water in it clean.
  • Treating water to either control the growth of legionella (and other micro-organisms) or limit their ability to grow.

Responsibilities and legislation

It is vital that anyone involved in the control of Legionella, and in particular the "Responsible Person", clearly understands their responsibilities and has an up to date knowledge of the latest legislation, our training can help you.

Member of the Legionella Control Association (LCA) - for training services

Legionella Control Association

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