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Courses for Water utility training services

Here you will find our most popular Water based training courses in Water Services, Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment and Sewerage related processes.

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Water Competency Framework
Essential Health, Safety and Environmental Knowledge
  • National Water Hygiene Scheme (WH1)
    A one day training course reinforcing an individual's responsibilities towards the potable water supply. Required compliance for persons working in any aspect of the potable water supply.
  • SHEA Water (SC96)
    A one day training course providing a uniform approach to health, safety and environmental awareness within the Water Industry (EUSR SHEA card).
  • Water Hygiene and DOMS (SC120)
    A one day training course, the Scottish Water Distribution Operations Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) scheme providing a uniform approach to work on Water Industry infrastructure in Scotland (EUSR DOMS card).
Water Services
Flood Defence and Flood Incidents
Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment Process Operations (ST1)
    A four day training course incorporating City and Guilds assessment and accreditation to provide technical knowledge of wastewater treatment, the processes involved and the effects of discharges on the environment.

Delivering extensive water industry training

We provide a comprehensive range of accredited water industry training courses in accordance with the latest water regulations. Our portfolio of courses cover water services, water treatment, waste water treatment and sewerage related processes, and accommodate all levels of expertise from Apprenticeships and NVQ's, for new and current employees, to water engineering and management.

Skills for the workforce

Our courses are designed to help water businesses and contractors build the essential skills needed in their workforce to guarantee the sustainability of water supply in the UK.

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Other service options

  • Nationwide delivery
    We have five very well equipped training facilities in Derby, York, Linlithgow, Swindon and Bolton.
  • Courses tailored to your sector
    We can tailor training to your specific industry requirements and also to company procedures and objectives. Call us on 0800 876 6708 to discuss your particular requirements.
  • Delivery at your site
    Our training centres are built specifically to meet the requirements of training/assessment in controlled conditions, but we are happy to consider flexing delivery if numbers, facilities and equipment make it practicable.

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