10 things to know about Streetworks Refresher Training

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Since 2011, anyone working on English highways is subject to streetworks refresher training under the New Roads and Streetworks Acts 1991 (NRSWA Training). The NRSWA legislation requires operatives and supervisors to be reassessed every 5 years to make sure they maintain their level of skill and understanding since they registered or last re-registered.

Top 10 things you need to know

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about Streetworks Re-assessments:

  1. Streetworks Refresher Training ensures that operatives and supervisors work legally, safely and efficiently on the highways, maintaining their level of skills and understanding. Refresher training will help operatives and supervisors to understand the latest NRSWA legislation, and any changes to practices on the highway, that may have occurred since their last training.
  2. In order for operatives and supervisors to work legally on the Highways, they must register with the Streetworks Qualification Register (SWQR) and to do so they need to hold the up to date Streetworks qualification. As SWQR state: “Any request for re-registration, for an individual working within the English legislative area, must be accompanied by the relevant re-assessed qualification certificate issued by an approved awarding body”.
  3. To keep qualifications and NRSWA cards up to date individuals must be reassessed every five years to show that they are professionally competent to work on English Highways.
  4. Individuals must register with SWQR between 6 months before expiry, and 6 months after expiry.
  5. Operatives and Supervisors will be required to have successfully completed re-assessments for the units of competence that they already hold before they can re-register for their new NRSWA card.
  6. If they do not register in time, they will need to retake the full unit, which will result in additional time spent away from work and extra cost.
  7. Streetworks Refresher Training can only be taken in units that the operative or supervisor already holds. For new areas of work, the individual must attend the full streetworks training course for the units they wish to complete, before they can register with SWQR.
  8. Prescribed qualifications for various types and combinations of work are set out in the Streetworks (qualifications of supervisors and operatives) (England) regulations.
  9. Reassessment takes the form of multiple choice question papers, on each unit the candidate wishes to renew.
  10. Develop Training have a range of streetworks refresher training for operative and supervisors, covering all units of competence. We will be happy to discuss your training requirements with you.

NRSWA Street Works Refresher training requirements

Streetworks Refresher Training is required every 5 years, to update skills and knowledge and make sure that you are working in accordance with NRSWA regulations. Once refresher training is complete you will be able to re-register on the Streetworks Qualification Register (SWQR) and work legally on the highways.

Find out more about our available Street Works training courses here.

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