A life-changing project for the utility sector

   29 April 2022        Blogs

Here at Develop Training, we are committed to using our skills and experience to benefit those less fortunate. That’s why this May, we are sending three of our employees to take part in a life-changing project in Nakuru, Kenya.

Michele Clark, Daryll Garavan and Danny Connor will be travelling to one of the most remote, impoverished areas of Kenya to aid our sector in helping to provide clean water and sanitation to some of the poorest communities and children on our planet.

Working with Derby County Community Trust (DCCT), our employees will not only be supplying utilities that will drastically improve the quality of life for so many school children, teachers and their communities, but will also be training and educating local people to empower and enable them to maintain and sustain the equipment and systems independently for decades to come.

Daryll Garavan, Operational Training Manager at Develop Training, said:

The Kenya Project is a life-changing initiative that will help to improve the quality of living for some of the most unfortunate communities on our planet. With some schools having thousands of pupils and only a handful of toilets, no sewage systems, and no sanitary support for young girls, it is an honour to be able to work on making a difference within these communities and providing a life-long legacy.

Funds and donations for the project

Over the past few months, we have organised a series of fundraising events, and we kindly ask for your support on this project if you are able to make a donation.

Any donation helps and will contribute directly towards purchasing essential supplies and equipment for the Nakuru community.

We will be uploading regular updates about the project’s progress with the Develop Training community, so be sure to keep an eye on our news page and follow us across our social channels @developtraininglimited on Facebook and @DevelopTraining on Twitter, or by searching Develop Training on LinkedIn.

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