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Complaints Policy

This policy applies to all Develop Training and subcontracted delivery, all employees and all associates engaged in the delivery of training.

Complaints in any aspect of company activities will be reviewed and investigated thoroughly whilst keeping the complainant updated regularly on the progress of responses to their concerns. The company recognises that all complaints may be potential opportunities to inform improvement activity or self-assessment.

Complaints can be raised in person with any employee of the company.

  • or by contacting 0800 876 6708
  • or by sending an email to enquiries@developtraining.co.uk
  • or by sending a letter to Customer Service, Develop Training Limited, Ascot Drive, Derby, DE24 8GW

All significant complaints will be recorded, with documented investigations and documented responses. It is recognised that less significant complaints or concerns may be resolved at the point of origin and not normally documented.

Complainants will be kept aware of the nominated person who is reviewing their concerns and when they will receive a formal response. Complainants will receive regular contact and updated as a minimum each week with progression of the investigation and any extended timescales for the response. Responses to significant complaints will always be made or followed up in writing.

Complainants who are dis-satisfied with a response to a complaint (or the speed of a response) may request their concerns are separately reviewed by a Director. Again, they will be kept aware of the nominated Director reviewing their concerns and when they will receive the formal response.

At any time apprenticeship participants can also contact the Apprenticeship Department at Develop Training via email at Apprenticeships@developtraining.co.uk.

Should an apprentice not be satisfied with a response to a complaint raised, they can also raise any concern with the Funding Organisation. In England for example complaints could be raised with the ESFA through the apprenticeship helpline;

Apprentices will be made aware of specific funding body procedures and contact arrangements during their induction to the apprenticeship.

Learners wishing to appeal against an assessment decision should refer to the separate appeals process. Assessment decisions can be similarly reviewed and learners are reminded they have the opportunity to raise concern or complaint regards assessment decisions with the Awarding Organisation or the Regulator.

All complaints received will be dealt with confidentially and in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, and in accordance with relevant Develop Training policies on Privacy and Information Security.

Sensitive personal information must remain confidential and only made available to those necessary to respond to the complaint.

In line with other Develop Training policies, complainants can make complaints without fear of repercussions, recriminations or victimisation. Should any person experience differently they should immediately raise this with a company director (relevant contact details will be made available upon request).

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