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Continuous Learning Loop to offer greater training value

Develop Training recognises the need for modern training methods to be flexible, relevant and responsive whilst being available to support clients in managing their workplace training effectively.

Holistic approach to training

All new training courses are designed with Develop Training's Continuous Learning Loop (CLL) in mind. The CLL reflects a holistic approach to training, incorporating pre-course assessment, blended learning (involving classroom-based teaching, e-learning and practical 'hands-on' tuition) and post-course reinforcement. The approach does away with the flawed 'sheep-dipping' approaches to re-accreditation of the past.

Businesses gain greater value from training as learners' suitability for courses are assessed before undertaking training, which ensures learners are appropriately matched to courses. In certain instances, learners can be provided with pre-course reading to bring them up to speed before training commences. In other instances, it may only be necessary for a delegate to retake an examination without undergoing training. This reduces workforce disruption and the cost of training to the business.

Training itself is delivered through a blended approach combining practical, online and classroom experiences, and this learning is embedded through post-training reinforcement which addresses the risk that, however good the training, knowledge can be quickly forgotten.

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