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Frontline Skills+ Framework

In order to measure competence, over a period of time, an assessment programme is required to test the employee's retention of essential knowledge and skills. This can often be difficult to deliver internally due to operational commitments.

Frontline Skills+ is an efficient solution to assist your business with skills competency assessment by offering a tailored solution to your businesses specific competency requirements aligned to your internal standards, national occupational standards and the employee's job role.

Frontline Skills+ offers a flexible approach by using a blend of web based assessment technology and traditional observation. This approach provides employees with access to remote underpinning knowledge assessments which can be accessed 24/7 using a range of devices.

A successful underpinning knowledge assessment is followed by a planned workplace observation from one of our qualified skills assessors. The combination of the workplace observations and underpinning knowledge assessment will then allow us to determine competence against the bespoke requirements of your business and provide you with detailed analysis to help you identify training needs.

How Frontline Skills+ works

Define competences required in your business and select or create the appropriate assessment modules.

Develop your Frontline Skills+ Framework using the defined assessment modules.

Allocated project managers will plan the delivery of assessments with you. Maximise assessment opportunity by training your own assessors to work on the licenced Framework.

Learners will experience a variety of assessment interventions as determined in your tailored Framework. Additional development requirements can be addressed within Frontline Skills+ which provides the learner with appropriate learning interventions prior to re-assessment.

Comprehensive analystics will be available via our web portal which may include recomendations and remedial actions for the future development of individuals within your workforce.

Develops own bespoke competency assessment framework

Click here for our Frontline Skills Framework 5831 Scheme

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