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Why choose Develop Training?

Training programmes can be delivered either at one of Develop Training's dedicated training centres or on site at client premises. All of Develop Training's training centres are purpose-built and set out to recreate real-life working environments. These provide learners with the opportunity to learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of their training within well-managed, structured environments.

Develop Training specialises in providing bespoke training courses and programmes but can also provide associated consultancy advice. This service helps to ensure that the training and development needs of learners can be assessed appropriately and employers can optimise their returns on investment.

Develop Training combines a broad training portfolio with comprehensive UK coverage.

There are several elements of Develop Training's offering which set it apart from other training providers:


Feedback from learners is consistently very positive with regard to Develop Training's training centres. Learners enjoy both the welcome they receive and the overall training experience. They feel comfortable and well-supported and more than 99% of learners say they would recommend Develop Training to a friend or colleague.


Develop Training's history dates back over 50 years. This wealth of experience combines with contemporary industry knowledge and expertise to create and deliver outstanding, market-leading training courses. Rather than simply 'sheep-dipping' learners, by providing generic programmes, Develop Training embraces the latest methods of teaching to ensure that learning is not only relevant but is also tailored appropriately and therefore engaging. This ensures that messages are retained longer and to greater effect.


Develop Training's training delivery teams can easily adapt to suit client requirements, providing solutions that genuinely add value to their businesses. Develop Training has a long-standing and proven ability to create truly bespoke training solutions. These allow its clients to select the best options for their needs. In addition, training courses are available through Develop Training's extensive open programme. In whatever form, training can be delivered either at one of Develop Training's dedicated training centres, on-site at client premises or, in some instances, within mobile units.


Develop Training is committed to supporting its clients and their employees achieve their collective and individual training goals. Develop Training's commercial and operational teams can help in this by assessing training, competency and compliance needs. This allows for recommendations to be made as to the most appropriate training solutions and, thereby, the returns on client training budgets to be maximised.

Hands on approach

The provision of practical, hands-on training significantly distinguishes Develop Training from most other training providers. Learners report that, whilst the equipment at other training providers may be appropriate, Develop Training stands out as in its ability to facilitate practical scenarios. This ensures that learners feel more confident and prepared to meet the various challenges they may face in the field.

Recognised standards

Develop Training holds ISO 9001 and OHSAS 45001. Its centres are approved for the delivery of courses accredited by, amongst others, City & Guilds, ILM, CABWI and EEIAS. Develop Training is also listed on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).

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