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   30 May 2022        Blogs

With the quality of teaching, learning, and assessment being one of our top priorities here at Develop Training, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide an independent external audit service.

These audits are a first of its kind in the utility sector and are now available following a successful trial with Network Plus. Earlier this year, we were approached by Network Plus to assist them in enhancing the overall quality of their teaching, learning, and assessment provision. Despite this being a unique request within the training sector, we knew we had to step up to the mark and devise a plan to help.

Network Plus audit

The first step in this plan was to work on the logistics of how this help could be delivered. Gary Fisher, Quality Assurance and Audit Manager at Develop Training, worked on pulling together a detailed project which ensured that all trainers at Network Plus would be observed on a rolling basis. These observations were to be carried out in line with and measured against UK educational standards, and the criteria specified by Energy and Utility Skills under the EUSR scheme.

Following on from the observations, Develop Training worked to compile a comprehensive report detailing the standard of the internal training, including the level of competency and assessment that was noted. This report was then sent on to the training lead at Network Plus, featuring many suggested recommendations to assist the business with working towards the EUSR standards.

Ashley Courtney, Training Manager at Network Plus, told us:

Develop Training has been assessing our trainers who deliver EUSR accredited courses to help support us in being able to verify the level of competence and quality being delivered. We have found this process to be extremely helpful, as it allows us to understand in depth where we stand as a business and potential areas in which trainers could improve to ensure the learner gets the most from the course.

The competence assessments will also help us when it comes to EUSR audits. We will be able to provide EUSR with the relevant paperwork to show we value quality and aim to better ourselves, and the service we deliver where possible.

To find out more about our new external audit offering, please call us on 0800 876 6708.

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