Award winning booking system

   05 July 2021         News

An eight-year project by Develop Training to deliver a revolutionary training and course booking system for 4,500 gas industry workers has received huge praise from client tRIIO.

Develop was undaunted by the size and scope of the project for tRIIO, one of the partners in a gas engineering project running across eastern England and north London.

The training involved the delivery of a bespoke programme of more than 200 compliance, health and safety courses to 4,500 front-line Cadent workers in the gas industry.

The project required the transfer of tRIIO’s entire induction course booking system over to a more efficient and user-friendly Develop Training one using BookIT software.

A massive impact on the efficiency and delivery of technical training services

Joanne Green, training and competency manager for tRIIO, said: “Using BookIT has had a massive impact on the efficiency and delivery of our technical training services.

“In particular, the user-friendly web-based platform provides our users with a quick and easy method of identifying training requirements and booking courses.

“This resulted in a streamlining of the overall process, through which we booked almost 2,000 training dates within the first three months. This is a huge achievement in a short space of time.”

Revolutionising a previously time-consuming system

An integral part of the new BookIt platform was the ability to create a learning and assessment portal that revolutionised the way personal development was managed within the business. The system enabled tRIIO to replace a time-consuming spreadsheet-based system with an automated, efficient and intuitive one.

Working over the eight-year period with Develop Training on devising the online induction booking process increased efficiency across tRIIO’s business by vastly increasing its data accuracy.

The gas company has now been able to delegate much of the day-to-day responsibility for training to line managers in the field.

Managing training data efficiently and quickly

Data relating to course attendances and outcomes can now be easily accessed and, where necessary, management action taken quickly and effectively.

Develop Training’s managing director John Kerr said: “I remember in 2016 first discussing the project with Joanne and distinctly recall her enthusiasm for it.

“Despite its scale, she knew even then that it had the ability to change the way training was managed, designed and delivered – and it most certainly has.

“Joanne should be exceptionally proud of this project. Eight years is a long time in any sector, especially utilities, and seeing this project through from concept to project completion is a huge achievement.

“It’s also testament to the open and honest relationship we have had throughout, and I am especially proud of the difference BookIT has made to tRIIO and the savings it has made as a consequence.”

About the tRIIO project

tRIIO works in partnership with Cadent to maintain and improve the supply of gas to millions of people living and working in north London and the east of England.

Responsibilities include the replacing of old mains, laying new ones, installing new connections to houses and commercial premises, and even helping with emergency response services.

tRIIO’s gas engineering joint venture is between Morrison Utility Services and Skanska UK.

Joanne Green won a Skanska Utilities special recognition award for her work with Develop Training on implementing the Learning and Assessment portal for the project.

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