Leadership and Management

Feedback for Mental Resilience Programme

   05 May 2021         News

Develop recently ran a Mental Resilience and Wellbeing training course for colleagues at a major electricity distribution network operator.

One of the delegates was so enamoured with the training that she took the time out of her day to contact the trainer and let her know just how much the training has already helped her in her day to day working life.

Delegate feedback

I just want to say I’m really grateful that I had the opportunity to attend your course. It’s really helped me to take a step back and assess any situation I’m faced with in work. I deal with a lot of stress and anxiety, particularly at the moment, so this has been really useful and I’ve forwarded on these details to 2 of my colleagues in the business who tend to feel overwhelmed and very stressed with their workloads too! (as I’m sure the majority of us do these days!).

I’m currently studying for an exciting interview within the business happening on Tuesday (a big step up from what I’m currently doing) and even the deep breath technique has helped so much with my preparation work. The volume of information I need does seem quite overwhelming at times, especially if I turn a page and I’m faced with numerous policies and legal terms I am not quite familiar with!

I work on my studies after my shift has finished and I feel more confident already just by accepting the fact that I am learning, taking it all in and my brain will be able to recall – and not getting stressed and feeling any form of doubt!

I always have the attitude of “if it’s not going to happen today then it will one day, you did what you can” so my ‘locus of control’ has always been more laid back with the outcome I guess if I feel I’ve done everything I can to prepare!

I just wanted to take the time to send you a message this morning and let you know how much this has helped in such a short space of time. Thank you.

New Leadership & Management modules

   11 February 2021         News

Transform your business with our brand new Leadership & Management modules.

We’ve overhauled our Leadership & Development offering and have developed a diverse portfolio of interactive, blended learning modules created to inspire and enable managers and team members to be the best they can be.

Flexible & practical leadership training

Our mission is to ensure our learners engage, learn, remember and act. We provide creative and innovative training solutions combining academic, evidence-based psychology and learning theories with practical workplace applications to maximise the after learning impact.

Our ‘menu’ of managerial, leadership and personal effectiveness modules have been designed to:

  • promote ‘growth mindsets’ and self-reflection
  • enhance behavioural changes leading to improved performance
  • inspire and motivate our learners to achieve more
  • enable our learners to adjust to change

Online, in-centre, or on-site – it’s up to you!

We have extensive experience of evaluating individual and business training needs and can, therefore, adjust and expand our current modules to address your specific business needs. Our modules can be structured and timetabled according to your workplace requirements, and can be delivered online, at one of our centres or, to minimise employee ‘downtime’, on site at your premises.

Professional accreditations

NICEIC approped assessment centre
CABWI Awarding Body
City & Guilds
Energy & Utility Skills
ILM Approved Centre
Lloyds ISO 9001:2015
Achilles UVDB
Water Jetting Association