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   19 January 2022        Blogs

Matthew GrayMatthew Gray, Head of Operations and Training at Develop Training, discusses the growing importance of Continuing Professional Development in the workplace.

Discover the range of benefits experienced for both employers and the workforce when CPD is prioritised.

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development, otherwise known as CPD, is the term used to describe the ongoing learning activities professionals engage in for further development of their skills and competency. Here at Develop Training, we are huge advocates of the importance of CPD, as ensuring a workforce has the correct knowledge and skills to carry out their daily duties safely and efficiently is fundamental.

Why is Continuing Professional Development important?

CPD not only involves ongoing upskilling that helps to keep professionals up to date with the latest and most relevant practices, it is also becoming an increasingly important way for workers to stand out from the crowd and remain competitive as more individuals gain similar professional qualifications.

Additionally, CPD can be an excellent option for future-proofing a business as we see regulations becoming increasingly stricter. Upskilling your workforce and ensuring work is carried out in line with the requirements of both your industry and customers is a great way to build trust and a solid reputation.

As part of our innovative Continuous Learning Loop, we offer every delegate who has trained with us the chance to take part in our Post-Course Assessments (PCAs). We understand that learners may experience an ‘information overload’ when revising for exams with the end goal of achieving their qualification, however we know from experience that constant, steady flows of information are more likely to be remembered and utilised in day-to-day occurrences.

With this in mind, our PCAs ensure an ongoing measure of competency, even after all assessments have been completed. This means that delegates can retain the information taught during their previous learning, in turn meaning that they will be safer and more effective in their roles going forward. The PCAs can be scheduled to suit the individual with options for monthly or yearly assessments, and an automated option for Training Managers and Co-ordinators through our Learning & Assessment Portal.

Our Leadership and Management programmes are also a great option for those looking to expand CPD uptake in the workforce and equip staff in all professional interactions. With modules focusing on subject areas such as emotional intelligence, mental resilience and stress management, every individual in any business will benefit from the self-reflection and improvement techniques taught to perform to their optimum potential.

Prioritise CPD

In summary, it is crucial to prioritise CPD in a workforce during a time when many companies are being fined for unsafe practices, as this will ensure that delegates are given the chance to enhance their skillset and reduce any shortfalls in their knowledge. Ultimately, CPD will result in a more motivated workforce working within a safer environment, a company with diversified service offerings and an increased staff retention rate.

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