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COVID-19 - Company Policy

Company policy is to closely follow the information, advice and guidance published by Government (particularly for educational settings) and to adopt good practice and proportionate hygiene measures.

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Cleaning and hygiene regimes

  • All classroom tables, boards, markers and hard surfaces are sanitised daily.
  • All surfaces in communal areas and high use touch points are sanitised twice daily.
  • Receptionists sign people into the venues.
  • All lanyards are sanitised after use.
  • Lunches are served in classrooms.
  • Hand sanitiser is available around the venues.
  • All learners wear face coverings in communal areas of the venue (including classrooms).
  • Class sizes are currently controlled and all classrooms accommodate 2M social distancing.

People who are ill

All persons presenting at venues with obvious flu like symptoms will be asked to reschedule their training without penalty.

All persons with a fever, new or persistent cough or loss of smell or taste must self-isolate and obtain testing as per government guidance. We will reschedule their training without penalty.

If a learner falls ill on an event we will follow government guidance to ensure they can gain medical attention or return home safely. Subsequent actions and cleaning will also be driven by government guidance.

Dependent upon all factors, particularly regards those who may have had close contact, actions will be undertaken to complete events or repatriate learners.If we are advised a learner on a previous event has been diagnosed with COVID19 Coronavirus:

  • Advice will be sought where appropriate.
  • We will establish who may have had close contact and require self-isolation.
  • We will advise all learners on that event.
  • We will isolate or clean areas or equipment as necessary.

Amended and cancelled courses

Where there is a verifiable and sound reason to request changes to any planned training the company will of course seek to work with clients to reschedule training at no penalty. We would expect training to be rescheduled where individuals have been advised to self-isolate by the NHS, or where deep cleaning is appropriate or where it may be in line with published Government guidance.

Where practicable the company will seek to make reasonable adjustment to accommodate reasonable requests.

Arbitrary cancellations, those which are not in line with published Government guidance, will continue to be chargeable under our standard terms and conditions.

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