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Be a more effective Manager training course

Course code: MD2

Course overview

A 3 day stimulating, fascinating, interactive workshop that helps managers understand basic neuroscience, how the brain and the mind works, how to perform better and with less stress and why people and teams behave the way they do. These new insights will help managers and their teams to perform at their very best and be motivated to their optimum - all for just £375 per person, per day.

Be a more effective Manager

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Benefits of attending for the learner

  • Understand how the brain and the mind work’s to better utilise the physiology rather than work against it.
  • Appreciate that behaviour is largely driven by habitual and automatic thinking.
  • Understand how our emotions, mind-set, values and beliefs impacts on our behaviour and performance.
  • Gain an awareness of leadership styles and how your own affects your team and how to adapt your own to best suit the situation.
  • Understand the process of how we learn, and what genuinely motivates and engages people in the workplace.
  • Know how to enhance productivity, job satisfaction, loyalty, sense of belonging and the knock on effects of improved well-being.
  • Adopt strategies to invigorate or re-engage staff whose energy levels or attitudes harm or reduce the performance of the team.
  • Understand the causes of personal stress and how to minimise this, especially during change.
  • Explore the impact and management of stress in an organisation in terms of performance, engagement, attendance and welfare.
  • Adopting more effective skills when questioning, giving feedback, coaching, appraising and performance managing others.

By using a variety of training methods learners will learn new skills and produce a personal action plan to implement in their own workplace.

Benefits of attending for the employer

"The more we understanding what's in the brain the more we can control it and optimise its output in work related activities".

  • Organisations thrive when they employ managers who better understand the nature of people at the heart of the business and the basics of what drives, motivates, engages and stresses every individual. This programme provides the foundation for unlocking a manager's true potential and harnessing further value from themselves and their teams.

What you will learn

Examples of key topics that will be covered include:

  • The Brain - the facts, structures, networks and functions.
  • The neuroscience of brain evolution, plasticity, learning, energy levels, decision making, habitual and automatic thinking and behaviour.
  • Roles and responsibilities of Managers and Leaders.
  • Own preferred Leadership Style and Situational Leadership.
  • The effect of different Management Styles in the workplace.
  • The physiology of Stress – both positive and negative.
  • Stress and Managing Change.
  • Beliefs, Values, Mind-sets, feelings, emotions and behaviour/performance.
  • 'Attitudes in Action' within a Team.
  • Staff engagement and true motivation in the workplace (Gallup).
  • Training, coaching, questioning, listening and performance management skills.

How is this training delivered?

  • The theory of the course is delivered in the classroom, culminating in "real play" scenarios to explore and practice skills learned.
  • Utilising professional actors we simulate real challenging workplace situations to test management skills. These are observed, linked back to the learning materials and discussed within the group to share best practice and aid personal development in a safe learning environment.
  • The programme can be enhanced with post course reinforcement, projects, or follow up workshops. The programme can be adjusted to employer specification.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • An open mind.

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