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Influencing & Communicating with Others training course

Course code: LM-ICWO

Course overview

A 1 day training course to enable learners to develop their influencing skills to achieve the outcomes they are seeking. This course is suitable for anyone who would benefit from an enhanced ability to persuade and influence in the workplace.

Influencing & Communicating with Others

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Benefits of attending for the learner

  • Define what is 'influencing'.
  • Identify their own preferred influencing style and how to use it to encourage others to change behaviours.
  • Explain the importance of non-verbal communication and body language.
  • Define what is meant by assertive behaviour.
  • Select an appropriate strategy for influencing.
  • Complete an action plan for a personal scenario.

What you will learn

Influencing skills enable people to affect the thinking and behaviour of others and facilitate an effective spread of information throughout a team via their communication skills. They build strong relationships, exert greater influence on their colleagues and project a positive image of themselves and their organisation. This course has been designed to assist learners to enhance their ability to communicate confidently and professionally.

Course content:

  • Learners will have the opportunity to produce a personal map of influence.
  • Defining what is influencing and need the for influencing within the workplace.
  • Introduction to effective communication; including body language, questioning and listening skills and NLP power words.
  • Exploring the different types of behaviour and recognising assertive behaviour.
  • Identifying individuals social and influencing style and recognising others styles and how to adapt.
  • Influencing strategies and when to use them.

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