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Workplace Conflict: Firm but Fair Management training course

Course code: LM11

N.B. This is a Virtual classroom course.

Course overview

A ½ day online session to enable managers or team leaders to apply firm but fair management techniques to deal with workplace conflict.

Workplace Conflict: Firm but Fair Management

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Benefits of attending for the learner

  • Understand the causes and effects of workplace conflict and apply conflict models to create workplace harmony.
  • Understand the need for constructive tension and how to create this in a team.

Benefits of attending for the employer

  • Managers or team leaders will be able to identify and understand the early signs of dysfunctional conflict in their teams.
  • Managers or team leaders can understand their rights and responsibilities and are able to apply a range of conflict techniques to resolve workplace conflict.

What you will learn

  • Identify the early signs, causes and understand the effects of workplace conflict.
  • Evaluate the differences between functional and dysfunctional conflict.
  • Identify what is groupthink and know why leaders should encourage constructive tension.
  • Understand the principles and practices of firm but fair management.
  • Apply a range of conflict models and techniques to resolve workplace conflict.

What qualifications will you achieve?

  • A Develop in-house course certificate.

How is this training delivered?

  • A 4 hour online delivery via Microsoft Teams or Zoom followed by completion of a firm but fair into action pack and a 1 hour one to one coaching and action planning session.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Prior to the course, delegates will receive a conflict knowledge assessment and SWOT to complete and bring along to the on-line session.
  • Pen and paper to make notes.

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