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DSEAR - Hazardous Area Classification - Gas Metering (Virtual) training course

Course code: DSEAR(V)

N.B. This is a Virtual classroom course.

Course overview

A 2 day hazardous area classification course introduces delegates to both IGEM/GM/7A and 7B. Assisted by our bespoke course handout, each learner receives all the information they require to help them become more confident and ultimately, more competent in completing DSEAR surveys. They are instructed to navigate and understand each flowchart, table and classification chart contained within IGEM/GM/7B which enables them to successfully classify commercial gas metering installations.

DSEAR - Hazardous Area Classification - Gas Metering (Virtual)

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Benefits of attending for the learner

  • Learners will learn how to successfully complete hazardous area classifications of gas metering equipment referencing IGEM/GM/7B.
  • Enables candidates to confidently apply the principles of IGEM/GM/7B to successfully complete hazardous area risk assessments in a competent manor.
  • Each candidate develops a good understanding of the importance of ventilation.

Benefits of attending for the employer

  • By understanding the relationship between ventilation and zone classification, enables the candidate to identify installations which may not meet current industry standards and when encountered, how to report such installations to both the meter asset manager and customer.
  • In addition to classifying hazardous areas, they also gain a solid understanding of how to interpret information displayed on Meter Asset Manager owed electrical equipment in reference with IGEM/GM/7A.

What you will learn

Upon completion of the course, each learner shall be able to:

  • Identify the correct parameters of scope IGEM/GM/7B.
  • Demonstrate good knowledge of the various zone requirements.
  • State the ventilation requirements for commercial installations to relevant industry standards.
  • Demonstrate how to calculate various ventilator types.
  • Calculate total free area ventilation as a percentage of the floor area.
  • Calculate total free area ventilation as a percentage of the greatest surface area (Meter banks).
  • Correctly identify the ventilation requirements for habitable spaces (building regulations).
  • Identify installations which can be classified simply due to design.
  • Demonstrate how to apply the correct hazardous area classification to a meter housing.
  • Demonstrate applying correct classification using notional equivalent to a meter installation within larger room.
  • List the zoning distances for both ideal and non-ideal relief vent pipework termination.
  • Identify any electrical issues onsite in accordance with IGEM/GM/7A.
  • Demonstrate correct application of IGEM/GM/7 to complete hazardous area risk assessment using Meter Asset Manager specific documentation. Please note: Meter Asset Manager Specific procedure must align with IGEM Documentation.

What qualifications will you achieve?

  • Learners will receive a certificate of attendance from Develop Training Limited.

How is this training delivered?

  • A Strong WIFI/LAN connection is essential to enhance the remote learning experience.
  • Headset with Mic beneficial.
  • Fully functioning suitable device such as PC, Laptop or Tablet. Note: Please ensure the system of your chosen device are up to date prior to attending. Pending updates can interfere with Teams.
  • Attendees require access to IGEM/GM/7A and 7B, preferably paper copy, but electronically also acceptable. (Handouts suffice for the duration of course; but learners require access to the IGEM documents to assist onsite).
  • Specific Meter Asset Manager DSEAR documentation (especially for day two).
  • Calculator.
  • Paper.
  • Pen/pencil.

Course dates

Course code
2 day course
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