Develop is seeking the next generation of inspirational trainers with its new recruitment campaign

   04 September 2023        News

Develop Training, one of the UK’s leading accredited providers of compliance, technical and safety training, has launched its new talent development programme which seeks to encourage skilled individuals from across the utility sector, to become industry-leading trainers and help inspire the next generation of talent.

The aim of the campaign is to develop those already working ‘hands on’ in the sector to become inspirational trainers and offers an incentive package. The package includes a £5,000 bonus for all new directly employed trainers from industry, formal training and qualifications such as the Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA3) and the Award in Education and Training (AET), alongside the company’s new induction programme and a dedicated, highly experienced programme mentor.

Emerge & Evolve Recruitment and Training Programme

The innovative project named ‘Emerge’ is all about creating new pathways for talented and experienced people in the sector and providing them with the opportunity to consider furthering their career with a move into adult education and training.

Develop is in particular seeking to recruit engineers in areas such as electrical and mechanical, New Roads And Street Works (NRSWA), water systems and legionella, gas distribution, the Gas Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS), general health and safety, and management development.

Matthew Gray, Head of Operations & Training at Develop, said: “This is a real sector-first opportunity for those experienced hands-on workers looking for a new opportunity and career path to begin to build a career in training. This will allow them to use all the experience they have to inspire and educate the sector’s workforce and help towards future proofing skills in utilities.”

Another part of this trailblazing programme, known as ‘Evolve’, seeks to develop existing trainers by providing mentors, qualifications, and further development opportunities – all with the aim of ensuring Develop’s trainers are ‘industry-leading’. This project also seeks to help support and address the ageing workforce issues in this sector and aims to plug the skills gap in this area.

Steve Smith, Quality Assurance Auditor and Technical Expert at Develop, added: “Having worked in the industry and for Develop since 2004, I was really excited by the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to help influence the next generation of trainers. The Emerge and Evolve recruitment project has helped me to develop new skills as a mentor and also renewed by passion for the industry and enabled me to work with trainers who are new to the role to help develop their skills and confidence to help them become the future of the sector.”

To find out more about the programme and apply please contact Develop’s Recruitment Team: or 0800 876 6708

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