Develop Training creates bespoke incident management training programme for firmus energy

   05 January 2024        News

In a strategic move to improve incident management and enhance the preparedness of its staff, firmus energy, a natural gas supplier in Northern Ireland, has collaborated with Develop Training, a renowned utilities training provider.

The objective was clear: to rigorously test procedures and ensure that firmus’ engineering and technical teams were well-equipped to handle real-world incidents. The decision to opt for Develop Training was influenced by the organisations’ successful track record in creating bespoke incident management training programmes for utility companies.

Training expertise in incident management for the gas industry

The driving force behind firmus’ choice was the wealth of experience brought to the table by Develop’s experts, Jim Donnelly and Chris Parker, both of whom have many years experience of working hands on in the gas industry and devised a similar training initiative for Phoenix Energy last year.

The bespoke programme of training designed by Develop brought together various teams within Firmus, fostering collaboration among individuals who may not typically work together on a day-to-day basis but would have to work effectively together in the case of a serious incident. The training aimed to simulate real-life incident scenarios, allowing the group to test procedures and for Jim and Chris to gather invaluable feedback from those involved. The pair also assessed how the group responded both as a team and individuals. The feedback was then presented to firmus and an action plan created.

Positive feedback from delegates and employer

The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed that the experience was not only enjoyable but also deeply appreciated.

One delegate said,

The training was a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate our ability to react to a simulated incident, uncovering potential areas for improvement in procedures. The best way to learn is by actively doing the task so I found it incredibly useful to do this training and it’s definitely given me some learning points to go away and put into practice.”

One of the standout benefits cited by firmus was the opportunity to receive direct feedback from the individuals who participated in the training. This feedback loop proved instrumental in shaping the action plan.

Chantal Hemphill, HSE Manager at firmus, expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration, stating,

Working with Develop Training has been an incredibly valuable experience for firmus. Jim and Chris were clearly very experienced, making us feel comfortable throughout the process. Their professionalism and commitment to ensuring our teams were well-prepared for any incident were evident, and we are grateful for the positive impact this training has had on our organisation. There have been some clear takeaways that the training highlighted and we’re now working through the action plan to address these.”

A bespoke training package for incident management and response in the gas industry

As effective incident management and response continues to play a key role in the utilities industry, investment in employee training proves to be essential for companies like firmus. Develop Training’s successful collaboration with firmus underscores the importance of hands-on, bespoke training in ensuring the preparedness and efficiency of industry professionals in handling real-world scenarios.

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