Develop Training provides bespoke training programme for Phoenix Natural Gas

One of the unique offerings we provide at Develop Training is our on-site bespoke training.

In this, we can both adapt and deliver our courses to be precisely relevant to a company’s facilities, staff, or systems. Recently, Phoenix Natural Gas reached out to Develop Training looking for a way to prepare their staff for the eventuality of a serious incident, and we got to work designing them a bespoke training programme.

Bespoke gas training for Phoenix Natural Gas

With considerable experience delivering exactly this kind of programme to companies throughout the gas industry, we felt our knowledge of the potential for plausible incidents involving gas transmission could be of particular use.

As such, we arranged and delivered two sessions at a location in Belfast, catering for 24 people from their side who were based in either incident procedure or safety. At the helm of this was Develop Training staff members Jim Donnelly, Tech ISOH Senior Trainer and Chris Parker, Health and Safety Manager.

These sessions utilised role play to reproduce incidents that Phoenix Natural Gas wished to tackle, with a team from Develop Training using comms to monitor and direct their changing crisis scenarios from another room. Following the scenarios, feedback was given in conjunction with a screening of relevant interviews from members of HSE (Health and Safety Executive) media, police, and community representatives.

Business benefits delivered

A further breakdown was then delivered to confirm how the group’s performances would translate to real life scenarios, and to analyse the timeline of their actions. This was followed by a practical discussion over the overall management of the scenario. Upon the conclusion of the programme, we were pleased to hear that Phoenix Natural Gas reported the sessions were incredibly useful.

It was of delight to us that Phoenix Natural Gas followed this feedback with the request that we return and run a similar programme for their executive management. Being able to deliver our training, guidance and support at multiple levels of a company ensures long-term improvement, and is something we are proud to conduct at an esteemed company such as Phoenix Natural Gas.

Bespoke gas training for your organisation

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